Various projects in random order:

• RAI Association: set-up and Chairman of PEM (platform Electric Mobility) and PTM (platform Future-proof Mobility) for more than 8 years.

• TNO Helmond / PTC: interesting market parties in the new Powertrain Center in Helmond which has been expanded with hydrogen and battery technology

• RVO: Participant on behalf of NL in Task 27 International Workgroup for City Distribution

• Emoss: Sales Reinforcement both national and international. 2016-17

• Hulshoff BV Amsterdam: moving company, consultant for new construction project with its own power generation and electric trucks

• Greenflex / Green-Planet Pesse: project participant in the DKTI project

• TDS Almere: Advice for transition to electric transport for IKEA

• Hygro Alkmaar: Consultant search for suitable H2 garbage trucks

• El-Motion (A): Presentation in Vienna of the NL innovative small OEMs for electric and H2 trucks.

• Embassy Austria: Organizing a coöperation for a zero-emission corridor from NL, D via A to Italy. by organizing workshop and project groups

• H2 Fuel: Advisor for applying the efficient storage method of H2-Fuel for the automotive industry. (see

Customers and Relations:

Transport companies: Post-Kogeko, Boudesteijn Beverwijk, Oldenburger Aalsmeer, Rotra Doesburg, van Deudekom BV Duivendrecht, Simon Loos, Heineken, Baartmans Schiedam, Detail Result Group Beverwijk, Bredenoord Apeldoorn, Saver Roosendaal, Roteb Rotterdam, Technical Union Strijen, DHL Utrecht, Peter Appel, Aad de Wit Castricum, Peter de Rooy ‘t Goy, van der Heijden Ridderkerk and many other…

OEMs and other industries: Scania, Volvo, Emoss, Ginaf, Daf, Truckland, E-trucks, Wierda Joure, THT trailers, E-traction, Nedstack, Hymove, Hygear, Green Planet, and many others …