Trucks stir my blood. Diesel flowed through my veins from an early age. I worked at Beers, the company that my great-grandfather Adriaan Beers founded. A well-known importer and dealer for Scania trucks in the Netherlands. Later Beers became a full Scania daughter. In those years I grew from service engineer to sales & marketing director. I made sure all noses pointed in the same direction. Until mine no longer wanted to smell diesel, but clean air. Since then my mission is: zero emission. Zero emission is what drives me.

From 2007 onwards I specialized in sustainable mobility, in particular freight transport. To put it nicely I, and two Scania colleagues, were pioneers. With Hytruck (link) we built the first hydrogen truck in Europe and provided a number of electric trucks for freight transport. A unique project, which won the 2007 Innovation Award.

Nowadays, I use all that experience and knowledge to advise transporters, suppliers, producers and governments. Every company and every phase needs specific advice. From fuel to electric driving, from electric driving to hydrogen, and all possible intermediate forms. I have built a large network of specialists in the fields of logistics, delivery vans and passenger cars.

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